Tech Detox

Is there any worse moment than when you’re in a library or a yoga class and someone’s mobile begins a loud and irritating ditty? Can’t bear to waste your life gazing at a computer screen every day? Hate those people who talk loudly about their personal lives on their mobiles during a crowded train journey? What you need is to indulge in one of our best tech detox holidays.In fact, don’t we all! These days, the internet age has everyone in its grip.

But there are ways of evading the long reach of wifi! The eco lodges in Sri Lanka’s national parks and high plantation hills are perfect escapes from the communications revolution.The only signals you’ll care about are whether G&Ts are being served before dinner or a herd of elephants have arrived at the watering hole.

And how did the Maharajas manage without a wifi signal in the deserted hilltop forts of Rajasthan? Quite well, actually, you’ll decide as you contemplate love, life and the universe in these lofty tech detox retreats.  The former hill stations of Burma’s high country are also astonishingly low-tech, and you can set off on overnight treks to simple teak monasteries where the monks are too busy chanting to remember their Snapchat sign-in.

If you want the ultimate ‘No service’ experience, go to the Andaman and Nicobar islands where the lack of wifi is guaranteed! Let’s face it, if Robinson Crusoe had a mobile signal, he could have thrown away his fishing rod and ordered a takeaway with Deliveroo.

And if luxury is an important part of your tech detox, then the islands off the Thai mainland in the Gulf of Siam or the white sandy beaches of Northern Malaysia provide some of the best tech detox retreats.


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