A Life Less Ordinary

People who do the same old thing every year on holiday leave us speechless. There’s a whole world out there and you just want to lie on the same over-populated patch of sand and fry? Perhaps once that was the height of sophistication. Now, it’s as passe as the package holiday itself!

So celebrate Difference with Yonder by exploring unusual holidays along the road less travelled, finally arriving at an itinerary uniquely fashioned for you by our dedicated Escapologists.

What counts as a unique travel experience? Well, you could recline amid furs ,silks and hunting trophies, living like a Maharaja while staying in the great palaces of Rajasthan in Northern India. Or perhaps follow in the footsteps of Man Friday in the beautiful and tranquil Nicobar Islands where protected tribes still hunt with poison-tipped arrows. (Don’t worry, we won’t send you to one of their off-bounds island reservations.)

Why not admire the water hyacinths growing in the extraordinary floating gardens on Burma’s Inle Lake, where the fishermen row their boats one-legged while casting their nets. Strange but true!

Or recline in an old cane and teak planters chair amid the green velvet landscapes of the high plantations in Sri Lanka, feasting on sumptuous afternoon teas and finally getting round to reading Proust’s A La Recherche du Temps Perdu (No? Okay, maybe that was stretching ‘less ordinary’ a little too far.)

You could stalk leopards, elephants, bears and a plethora of birdlife amid the fabulous national parks of Sri Lanka, or follow Sher Khan’s tracks in India’s Jungle Book territory. Or retreat to luxurious spa in Malaysia or a yoga sanctuary in the country from which the health-affirming discipline sprang.

Whether you are looking for unique travel destinations or unique hotels, these are just a few ideas that spring to mind. But, in truth, any trip with Yonder should fit the bill. Because we never do ordinary. Although perhaps some trips are more extra-ordinary than others…


Our Escapologists will broaden your horizons