Yonder. It’s that elusive place beyond the horizon we all dream of finding. Where, in Carole King’s immortal words, ‘the sweet tasting good life is so easily found’.

It is the thrill of breathtaking new discoveries. It is blissful relaxation. It is a hedonistic lifestyle on the road less travelled. But it’s not so easily found, actually Carole. As anyone knows who has fruitlessly trawled the internet.

That is where we come in. Yonder are a team of passionate and experienced travel experts ( and we’re very modest too!) who will create a unique itinerary tailored exactly to your personal wishes and desires. And when it comes to hotels, our Escapologists only recommend hand-picked, delectable hotels we have sampled and savoured ourselves.

We do not claim to cover the globe. Just those special places we have personally explored and which satisfy our very demanding criteria for inclusion. With Yonder, your travels might take you to the richly rewarding island of Sri Lanka, to the palaces and jungles of Northern India, to Malaysia’s vibrant cities and the to-die-for beaches of Langkawi, to the islands of your dreams in the Gulf of Thailand or to Burma where extraordinary sights and experiences await…

For us, the road less travelled means far from the tourist hordes. But let us be clear, that doesn’t equate to any loss of comforts. Quite the opposite. We judge all our hotels by their excellence, the sheer hedonistic pleasures they have to offer.

We judge all our hotels by the sheer hedonistic pleasures they have to offer

And when you find standards as rare as that, in locations you thought only existed in your dreams, that’s when you know you’ve arrived Yonder…

Yonder. Exquisite pleasures beyond the horizon. That’s where we’re bound.

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