East Coast

The stunning east coast of Sri Lanka is wild, untamed and exactly the place you need to go to escape the masses. The beaches are gloriously long and sandy, providing an old-fashioned castaway paradise. Places such as Trincomalee, Pasikuda and Arugam Bay make perfect beach holiday destinations from May through to September due to the way Sri Lanka’s microclimate and monsoons fall.

On this tranquil coast, there is just a handful of luxury hotels and other than that you’ll be rubbing shoulders with boho traveller types, the occasional hippy time has forgotten and barefooted surfboarders. And that’s exactly, what makes the east coast so exciting.

The tourist hordes that can monopoilise the main destinations elsewhere on the island don’t make the long journey to the sleepy sands of the east coast. But those intrepid travellers – or simply sun worshippers – who do will be richly rewarded.

Arugam Bay

The road to the moon shaped beach of Arugam Bay is paved with excitement. The journey through the Sri Lankan interior combines a cultural tour with a safari and beach holiday. In fact, unless you take an internal flight, the journey can only be made with a few overnight stops along the way so you might as well capitalise on this golden opportunity to experience some of Sri lanka’s cultural treasures and national parks overflowing with flora and fauna.

Arugam Bay is a small fishing village with a single road that hugs the the edge of the beach. Along the arc of sand you’ll find seafront bungalows inhabited by sun-kissed surfers and jostling beach shacks serving up mouthwatering curries, fresh seafood and a variety of  of western dishes.

It’s a beautifully simple life in Arugam Bay. Serious surfers will be heading out in search of the renowned right-hand rollers, whilst the rest of us will become lazy loungers in the shade of the breeze-stirred palms.

If you only do three things in East Coast…

If you aren’t already a surf bum, take some lessons to learn the art of the pop up

Walk the full length of the golden sand on the main beach and take in the stunning scenery

Take a short taxi and go out in the evening to the plethora of restaurants in the middle section of the beach

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Thoughts on a postcard

It was the perfect setup. Our hotel was gloriously located on a small and isolated headland away from the main beach. When we wanted to go out to eat or to experience the laid back tropical beach vibes it was only a 15 minute ride away