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Langkawi-DetailGaze out of the aeroplane window as you come into land for your Langkawi holiday, and you’ll at once grasp the delights that await you. Archipelago islands – 99 of them, no less – stretch as far as the eye can see, separated by a turquoise sea. Take a moment to imagine that word: turquoise. Now Intensify it a hundred times – and you’re still not even close.

The main island of Langkawi is Palau Langkawi (other than on airport screens, you’ll always just hear it referred to as Langkawi). It’s a tourist hotspot, with glorious beaches of powder-fine sand fringed by swaying coconut trees, while the interior boasts lush paddy fields and intact jungle. Despite its popularity, Langkawi is still largely unspoiled and if, like us, you avoid the main beaches, you will find traditional villages and a laid-back atmosphere amid scenery to die for.

Luxury hotels Langkawi

When you are on holiday in Langkawi, you’ve hit the jackpot for super chic places to lay your head. The Langkawi luxury hotel scene is crowded but for us, with our strict hand-picked criteria, only a few places really stand out for a Yonder Langkawi holiday, as you will discover here.   

If you only do three things on a Langkawi holiday…

  • Choose your little piece of paradise at your luxury Langkawi hotel, turn off your iPhone… and breathe!
  • Walk to the beach through ancient rainforest, with monkeys playing overhead.
  • Watch a dazzling sunset as the Andaman Sea laps your toes and promise yourself: I’ll be back!

For us, holidays to Langkawi do not involve spending too much time exploring (although there are some interesting things to see and experience). Instead, it’s somewhere to hole up in our luxury Langkawi hotel and relax on an almost deserted beach. When we want to kick our laptops to the side, silence our endlessly buzzing iPhones and just switch off from the demands of modern life, this is where to come. It’s relaxation mecca.

Eating and drinking

We’ll keep this brief. Our chosen hotels are relatively remote, which means that the desire to escape the hotel and see something new is somewhat diluted. Furthermore, our choices have numerous restaurants and IOHO they offer the very best food in Langkawi (although admittedly probably the most expensive).

Should you decide you do want to drag yourself away from paradise, there are tons of restaurants and bars in Pantai Cenang. The seafood is generally exceptional. Cuisine from neighbouring countries is in plentiful supply and the general standards are decent.

Out and about

One of our favorite outings in Langkawi, is sailing around the coastline. It’s usually a full day jaunt with lunch on board, and jumping in off the side and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters feels like heaven on earth.

Langkawi is all about beaches. And there is no shortage. There are various popular beaches where the tourist hordes gather. There, you’ll find jet skis blundering noisily about, hawkers and an endless array of restaurants. It’s one of those scenes you’ll be pleased to have visited but you will be longing to be back on your own deserted hotel beach with all the peace and tranquility it brings.

Thoughts on a postcard

As our driver pulled out of the small airport, we thought we’d stepped into a parallel paradise universe. On our Langkawi holiday, the cliche ‘living the dream’ was never more apt.

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Pillow Talk

Our Escapologists only recommend hand-picked, delectable properties we have sampled and savoured ourselves. We judge all our hotels by their excellence, the sheer hedonistic pleasures they have to offer. And we reject a lot that don’t meet our exacting standards.

Some of our selections are classics, with reputations recognised the world over. Others are discoveries: boutique havens where hospitality, relaxation and fine cuisine have been distilled into a rare art form. You’ll find a few options for the budget conscious too, where Yonder’s principles are still to the fore. And for those who just need an airport stopover on their way to paradise, there’s one or two convenience choices, too.

We provide in-depth descriptions of every property, based upon our own experiences there, along with our unique Yonder rating and icons that will give you further insights into what’s on offer. We even tell you the types of clientele you might soon be rubbing shoulders with!

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