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Heavenly Honeymoons

You’ve tied the knot. You’ve made the speeches. You’ve waved goodbye to your guests … and to single life. Now it’s time for the two of you to celebrate as never before!

At Yonder, we know a honeymoon is so much more than just another holiday. It’s once in a lifetime, we very much hope. So you can rely on Yonder to ensure your luxury honeymoon befits the occasion.

Imagine, for example, putting your arms around your beloved as you drift silently in a hot-air balloon above the gold encrusted pagodas of the medieval temples of Bagan in Myanmar (formerly Burma), with the timeless Irrawaddy River snaking off into the jungle far below.

You gaze down together over a sight that will linger in the memory almost as long as your wedding day: no fewer than 2,000 temples, monasteries and pagodas dating from the ninth century. As luxury honeymoons go, this takes some beating!

Other luxury honeymoon destinations? What about lounging dreamily together amid the scalloped arches and graceful domes of Lake Palace in India’s City of Love, Udaipur? Rose petals cascade from above as you arrive here hand-in-hand by boat. Treated as royalty at this former palace of the Maharanas, you can canoodle amid the lily ponds and bamboo fringed walkways. Or hire a vintage Jag to set off sightseeing together.

Alternatively, you could languish together amid Sri Lanka’s mist-wreathed Tea Country, reliving the decadence of the days of the Raj as you watch the estate’s tea pluckers working in their bright saris. When you quit your colonial retreat you can head down to the unblemished beaches of Langkawi for blissful marital hedonism beside the Indian Ocean.

And then there’s a visit to the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the modern world and the ultimate symbol of unfailing love.

If a long-haul trip takes up too much time when you’re itching to get on with new-found domestic bliss, what about a minimoon? Check in together at a luxuriously converted monastery set dizzyingly high above the Amalfi Coast. Spend your first marital nights in a surprisingly cosy bed of ice in Sweden’s iconic Icehotel. Lie back back and watch the Northern Lights inside your own glass igloo inside the Arctic Circle (Yes, it really will feel as if the earth just moved!) Or climb to arboreal heights in the world’s first Tree Hotel.

A luxury honeymoon with Yonder is a unique thing, tailored to perfectly suit two united individuals. Just like your marriage when you come to think of it…


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