Villa Samadhi

Hipsters, Linen-wearing Fashionistas and Epicureans

For a combination of privacy, elegance and just a touch of naughtiness, Villa Samadhi is the perfect choice. One of Kuala Lumpur’s best-kept secrets, it is hidden away in the upmarket embassy district yet only ten minutes from KL’s city centre attractions.

Pitching up at Villa Samadhi after a long haul flight helps reinvigorate mind and soul following your 12-hour date with the trolley service. But more than that, you’ll discover slipping between the soft linen sheets to be a miracle cure for the inevitable jetlag.

The huge pool lagoon is striking and the 21 rooms (or ‘Cribs’ as they are known) are superb. They are rich with local textures from bamboo to Malaysian slate, with feature lanterns discretely illuminating your tasteful surroundings. Our favourite detail, aside from the private plunge pools (in the Luxe Cribs category) are the ladders from the ground floor rooms meaning that their residents can just lower themselves into the curvaceous pool.

The food is a tantalising blend of Malaysian and Italian, cooked up with flair and creativity. In fact, creativity runs throughout Villa Samadhi, as you will soon realise during a visit to the laid-back Banbung cocktail bar on the rooftop: you’ll see the passion as the bartenders start flaring.

Your lifestyle at Villa Samadhi is so sensually complete, there’s a distinct danger you’ll forget you’re also in the heart of one of the world’s most exciting cities.


PRICE: Punchy but doesn’t blow the budget

RATING: Wow factor

Thoughts on a postcard

We were were quickly immersed in the sensuality and pleasure that is a trademark of staying at Villa Samadhi. Our faces were a picture when we discovered the room’s oversized bath… made for two.

Yonder Insight

Get out early whilst it’s a little cooler to explore KL. You’ll really appreciate what an oasis of tranquility Villa Samadhi is after you’ve paced the thrumming streets.

On your doorstep

The nearby National History museum is a different kind of interlude. It’s not the most interactive museum in the world but it's fascinating, with a slight emphasis on colonial times which ties in well if you are hitting Penang.

Villa Samadhi: The Map


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