The Governor’s Residence

Glitterarti, Well-heeled Globetrotters and Epicureans

PRICE: Worth maxing out for

RATING: Out of this world

Without doubt, the hotel to experience in Rangoon. Actually, let’s make that in the whole of Burma. The Governor’s Residence hotel has no competition, even among the best of Burma luxury hotels. This is a quintessential early 20th Century colonial mansion, in fact the former home of the governor of the southern states of Myanmar, which has been painstakingly restored to create a 49-bedroom hotel of unparalleled luxury.

Coming under the umbrella of Belmond, formerly known as the Orient Express, it is a delicious combination of perfect ingredients. The rooms are beautifully finished with Burmese teak doors, bespoke furniture and liberally dressed with colourful Burmese silks. You’ll want for nothing.

In the verdant garden, the fan-shaped pool and sun decks are a haven of tranquillity.

There are tranquil lotus ponds, hideaway benches under tall oriental fruit trees and the classic paper umbrellas which are an icon of Burma.

As you might expect, the dining experience is as polished as everything else. The hotel’s Mandalay restaurant is amongst the finest in Yangon, serving up a tantalising repertoire of Burmese and Western food, with exquisite ingredients such as Irrawaddy river prawns, Wagyu beef and foie gras. And if you hanker after a more authentic local dish, the Burmese Curry Table delivers a riot of spicy flavours. Naturally, service is discreet and the surrounding architecture is majestic.

We’ve had many a late night in the Kipling bar chatting to new friends and all agree: this is the shining star of the Burmese hotel scene. The Governor’s Residence luxury hotel has all of the romance and history of the old world and all of the trappings and amenities of the modern world. A delicate blend to achieve but, boy, do they get it right.

Yonder Insight

The Governor’s Residence offers fabulous cooking courses in which you will visit local markets to buy your ingredients before coming back to whip up spectacularly tasty Myanmar salads.

On your doorstep

The Governor’s Residence is in the leafy embassy quarter, which is quiet and upmarket. A car is needed to ferry you to the centre of town – your driver will be on hand whenever you need him.

Thoughts on a postcard

Inspired by seeing the locals doing Tai-Chi around the city parks, we arrived at the Governor's Oasis (that’s the spa), for a tranquil morning yoga class, followed by a lemongrass head massage and coconut water. Bliss, Governor’s Residence style.



The Governor’s Residence: The Map


The Strand

The Strand hotel is Grand Dame of Yangon, Burma. We have a real soft spot for her. And yet again, she was the brainchild of our faithful old chums the entrepreneurial Sarkies brothers (remember them from Singapore and Penang?).