Sandoway Resort

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Sandoway Resort is a long-standing Yonder favourite. It occupies a fabulous location in the middle of Ngapali Beach, Myanmar, and delivers consistently time after time.

Unlike many hotels in Burma, Sandoway Ngapali is expertly run under Italian management – and it shows. The staff are exceptionally well trained and the service is superb. The food in the restaurant, yes you guessed it, is just like mama used to make. The homemade pastas are delicious and the lunchtime pizzas are a real treat. Naturally, seafood makes up a significant proportion of the menu and this is cooked with flair, creativity and passion. The Burmese food is tremendous too.

Down on the beach, you’ll get a couple of sun loungers, a thatched parasol and a carved table in the shape of a lion or tiger which is allocated to your bungalow. When you want service, hoist a flag up the mast of your parasol and a waiter will appear. And if you tire of sand in uncomfortable places, there is a huge pool just behind the beach flanked by a lounge bar and library (it’s a good place to hang out if you want a strong wifi signal to catch up with the world). Towards the back of the reception area, an excellent spa can be found and the deck adjacent to the restaurant is the perfect place to lounge with a bottle of rosé on ice whilst the sun starts to drop below the yardarm.

The rooms come in a few different categories but in the main they are split-level, with large four-poster beds with mosquito net drapes on the upper floor whilst the lower floor consists of a basic lounge area with a good-sized bathroom towards the rear. The floors are made of wide teak boards and the walls are painted in a mottled peach (much nicer than it sounds!). The furnishing throughout is rustic and tasteful with unusual boulders serving as footstools.

In conclusion, after an exciting tour of Myanmar,  Sandoway Resort is heaven. A spectacular place to recharge.


PRICE: Punchy but doesn’t blow the budget

RATING: Big thumbs up

Thoughts on a postcard

We loved our lingering Sandoway Resort Ngapali breakfasts on the beachfront watching the fishing boats landing their catch.

Yonder Insight

Sandoway has a number of villas with direct views of the translucent sea. They’re a bit pricey but waking up to the sparkling ocean can’t be beaten.

On your doorstep

The whole of Ngapali is walkable from Sandoway. Step down on to the beach and there are restaurants in every direction.

Sandoway Resort: The Map


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