Mandalay Hill Resort

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The Mandalay Hill Resort in Myanmar is big, brash and very reliable. Whilst we generally avoid referring to the defunct hotel star rating system, the Mandalay Hill Resort would sit very solidly on four-star ground.

Want the good news or the bad new first? Bad? OK, the property has few redeeming outside features, being a high-rise with its stature accentuated by its location just below Mandalay Hill, Frankly, it’s a big, impersonal city hotel. But here’s the good news: the Mandalay Hill Resort hotel  is brilliantly located within walking distance of the old palace moat. That means not only access to some beautiful walks around the old palace walls but also a huge range of restaurants and bars to visit. It’s close to various temples and, as its name suggests, Mandalay Hill is on the doorstep.

Furthermore, it also has a large pool area with decent sun loungers and thick cushions which are perfect for an afternoon nap. There is an unexpectedly excellent spa (with a design style which wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Tomb Raider). There are a number of restaurants to choose from and the food, both Western and Myanmar, is decent.

As with any large city hotel, the Mandalay Hill Resort rooms are on the small side but modern and more than adequate. Don’t be put off by its lack of character. The combination of attractive pricing and location are more than enough to make it a contender in the Mandalay hotel dance-off.


PRICE: Affordable

RATING: Big thumbs up

Thoughts on a postcard

We had the most extraordinary sensory experience in the Mandalay Hill Resort spa. It was cavernous, dimly lit and smelled of incense and our Burmese pressure point massage was delivered by expert hands in a wonderfully unfamiliar environment.

Yonder Insight

The Mandalay Hill hotel is high-rise, meaning the higher you go the better the view. Our favourite rooms are on the south facing side with direct views towards the old city palace and the moat.

On your doorstep

Most of Mandalay is within striking distance from the Mandalay Hill Hotel. You can walk to the moat inside 15 minutes and from there it’s an easy rickshaw ride to restaurants and bars in the evenings.

Mandalay Hill Resort: The Map


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