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Macalister Mansion

Linen-wearing Fashionistas, Hipsters and Well-heeled Globetrotters

PRICE: Punchy but doesn’t blow the budget

RATING: Wow factor

This place is the embodiment of Penang in Malaysia. Located along the historic Macalister Road, it’s cool, arty and has fantastic food. What’s more, although it is set around a lovingly restored colonial mansion built in the early 1900,  it has a quirky contemporary feel, although the love-them-or-hate-them art installations might come as a bit of a surprise. While enjoying your refreshing welcome drink, served in a cut crystal glass,  you’ll probably be somewhat distracted by the resident pink stags!

With only eight luxurious rooms, Macalister Mansions is a sanctuary of style, within striking distance of the world heritage zone.

The soft furnishings are funky throughout. And there are few things more alluring than putting the aircon on low, jumping into the underlit beds with their illusion of floating on air and snuggling down under the thick feather duvets.

Sunken pools with submerged bars can be a little 1990s but not here. This is super cool. It works. And if you have a passion for the good stuff, there is no shortage of options: The Cellar claims to have the biggest wine selection in Penang, while venturing into the dimly-lit Den inevitably means a late night savouring single malts.

You might almost expect to encounter Winston Churchill sitting in the corner chewing on a cigar whilst reminiscing about the good old days when Britain ruled the waves.

Yonder Insight

Go for a late-night dip in the pool and look back at the impressive and tastefully-lit building whilst listening to the sounds of Penang at night.

On your doorstep

Take a 20-minute stroll towards the world heritage zone. We love the plethora of quirky galleries and museums with our hands-down favourite being the Upside Down musuem. Whatever you are into, you’ll get your fill of alternative creative art.

Thoughts on a postcard

If only our wallet was as big as the wine list. We’ve enjoyed some seriously good plonk here.

Thoughts on a postcard

If only our wallet was as big as the wine list. We’ve enjoyed some seriously good plonk here.

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Macalister Mansion: the map

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