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Kulu Safari Camp

Naturalists, Adventurists and Romantics

PRICE: Punchy but doesn’t blow the budget

RATING: Clean and simple

Kulu Safaris know how to do safari well. Set in Sri Lanka’s Yala national park, this is a grown-up and professional operation – ok, it’s not as good as the luxury camps in India, but let’s not compare apples and pears.

Kulu Safaris’ paradigm is to seamlessly blend the adventure of a Sri Lankan safari with comfortable characterful accommodation, minimizing their ecological footprint while providing you the definitive wildlife experience.


The Kulu tents are first class by Sri Lankan standards. Each canvas structure has its own ensuite bathroom with proper shower (yes, including hot water), toilet and sink. At the entrance, you will have your own teak deck with safari chairs. All look out onto a watering hole which is rich with wildlife.

And as for the food, it’s among the best we have eaten. The Sri Lankan cuisine here is simply divine. And the setting in the evening, surrounded by flaming torches deep in the bush, is creates a unique level of perfection that almost defies description.

As you would expect from Kulu Safari’s flagship operation, their safari vehicles are excellent and their naturalists are amongst the best. They know their stuff, they love their jobs and have a true passion for the wildlife.

What’s more, Kulu is the first operator to practise environmentally conscious camping, with a strict ‘no-plastic’ policy, use of renewable energy whenever possible, and an eco-friendly waste-management system.

Kulu set out to present the untamed Sri Lankan jungle in the safest, most comfortable, and responsible way to fellow lovers of the wild. We believe they’ve nailed it.

Yonder Insight

The Sri Lankan breakfast pancakes are amazing. A delicious pancake rolled with grated coconut, sugar and cardamom. Mowgli would have definitely approved

On your doorstep

Paddling across the watering hole in complimentary kayaks is a tremendous experience – it’s best to avoid the crocs, though!

Thoughts on a postcard

Lying under the canvas and suddenly hearing the trumpeting of an elephant, seemingly just a few feet away, left us so excited we couldn’t sleep

Thoughts on a postcard

Lying under the canvas and suddenly hearing the trumpeting of an elephant, seemingly just a few feet away, left us so excited we couldn’t sleep

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