The Hotel @ Tharabar Gate

Historians, Spiritualists and Wanderlusters

PRICE: Affordable

RATING: Big thumbs up

The Hotel @ Tharabar Gate is a charming hotel with a superb location in Old Bagan, Myanmar, situated next to the imposing Tharabar Gate, one of the main entrances to Old Bagan, and opposite the Ananda Temple, one of the most iconic monuments.

Amazingly the hotel feels small despite having 86 rooms in long terraces surrounded by mature tropical gardens. The rooms are predictably furnished with king-sized teak beds and other occasional teak furniture, which makes the room feel a little heavy. However, the dark wood is broken up by scatter cushions wrapped in local fabrics and watercolour art on the walls depicting scenes of the temples.

The swimming pool in the centre of the resort (we use the term loosely) is lovely, surrounded by kneeling stone elephants and pink and white bougainvillea flowers.

There are long herringbone patterned brick walkways which contextualises the hotel within the environs of old Bagan where such styles were regularly used during the building of the temples. A contemporary twist, and a surprisingly good one at that, is the creation of a brick oven churning out the most delicious pizzas. The food is generally pretty good with a wide selection of both Burmese and international dishes.

Yonder Insight

Our favourite rooms are the ones on the upper floors in the deluxe category as they have views of the surrounding temples from their balconies.

On your doorstep

Only one of the finest archeological sites in the world. That’s all!

Thoughts on a postcard

The early evening was splendid. The crickets would start chirping in as the dry heat subsided and we would plonk ourselves under a traditional Burmese parasol next to the bamboo to catch up on our journals.



The Hotel @ Tharabar Gate: The Map


Bagan Lodge

Newly-built Bagan Lodge is probably the leading light of the Bagan, Myanmar, hotel scene. One of the lovely things about the Bagan Lodge Hotel is that the concept is for it to blend in with the surrounding countryside. The rooms all have canvas roofs and the buildings are painted in a muted brown.