Four Seasons Langkawi

Glitterati, Tycoons and Linen-wearing Fashionistas

PRICE: Worth maxing out for

RATING: Out of this world

Every so often, when we wash up in a truly spectacular place, a desire to brandish a paintbrush suddenly comes over us. And Fur Seasons in Langkawi, Malaysia, one of those places. The scenery – a private white tropical beach, a translucent sea and a couple of islands against the blue, blue sky – is so perfect it can only be done justice through a painting. OK, it’s true, we’re no Gauguin – but the desire to capture the jaw-dropping vista is just too great to resist.

We can’t think of any boxes that remain unticked at Four Seasons, Langkawi. ‘Unremitting perfection’ would be a neat summary. Flanked by UNESCO-protected mangroves, this resort (and it is a big resort) has a special feeling. The blend of Malay and Arabic architecture makes it feel a little unfamiliar, other-worldy even. And it is this atmosphere which relaxes the body and mind, invoking an almost trance-like state.

Once you enter Four Seasons, through its long sweeping driveway, you lose all sense of the real world, becoming blissfully remote and detached from your everyday world (notwithstanding the surprisingly fast wifi). And as a result, your biggest daily decisions will revolve around which pampering spa treatments to choose and which superlative dishes to savour at lunch or dinner.

Treatments at the Geo Spa promise to boost physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing – ‘from virility to stability, positivity to longevity’. And in a paradise like this, who wouldn’t want to live for ever?

Here, a thoughtful combination of accommodations – 91 striking villas and pavilions that seamlessly blend Asian influences with tropical woods and marble – pools and restaurants means that your every whim will be attended to. It is luxurious, refined and utterly secluded. Rest assured, you will not find rows of plastic sunloungers with burnt Brits drinking Pina Coladas. Instead, it’s a blissful, sybaritic and, yes, exclusive, escape from the world of deadlines and imperatives.

Yonder Insight

There is a 55m Adult Quiet Pool here, so if you yearn for some Me time free of other people’s little darlings, get one of the pool boys to organise your sunlounger.

On your doorstep

The beach, of course. Never has a tropical beach been so perfect. The sand is white and fine. The sea, cerulean and warm. The sun reliably hot. And best of all, when you realise you’ve left your Kindle in the villa, you can go for a swim whilst it’s brought to your lounger.

Thoughts on a postcard

Boating through the mangroves, on a trip organised by the hotel, with the rainforest cascading down to the water’s edge, felt like a scene from a James Bond movie.



Four Seasons Langkawi: The Map


The Datai

If The Datai’s considerable reputation has passed you by, then believe us, you’ve been missing out. It is situated deep in lush rainforest on the north-western tip of Langkawi in Malaysia and totally rewards the travelling. It’s a Yonder smash hit.