Barefoot at Havelock

Adventurers, Wanderlusters and Romantics

PRICE: Affordable

RATING: Clean and simple

Barefoot At Havelock in India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the ultimate hideaway beach experience. Cut off from the world and located on the breathtakingly beautiful Beach No 7 – named best beach in Asia – it is a stunning ocean side rustic retreat.

Getting to Barefoot from Havelock Town is an experience in itself. Taking about 35 minutes across paddy fields, among small villages and through the jungle, it is an enchanting journey.

The Barefoot concept is simple: it’s a rustic beach experience, designed to connect the traveller with the energies of the Andamans.

Thatched and hardwood cottages, villas and tents are the order of the day. Only local materials have been used in the construction, meaning that the accommodation and communal areas, although perhaps a little dark inside, all blend seamlessly with the verdant tropical landscape.

The Barefoot At Havelock hotel experience is hugely pleasurable in a simple, no-frills way. But you’ll have all the essential mod cons to ensure your comfort, such as air con, hot water and decent beds.

Forget about the outside world of work and technology. Suck up the energy of the rainforest,  and the enormous pleasures of being in this hidden beach paradise. Such is the privilege of being on these remarkable islands you may have a meeting with anything from saltwater crocs to any one of the 270 species of birds.

Food plays a big part in the extraordinary Barefoot adventure. It’s superb. Fresh fish, prawns and lobster are bought on a daily basis from the market in Havelock. They can be barbecued before your eyes, grilled with garlic and lime, or steamed in banana leaves with herbs and spices. Meat eaters won’t be disappointed either, with fantastic curries and tikkas from the tandoor. And some of the best vegetarian cuisine we’ve eaten came straight from the Barefoot kitchens. Rather surprisingly, the Western food is excellent to. The pizzas come highly recommended.

Yonder Insight

Barefoot is set back from the beach in order to protect the eye-wateringly tall 100ft indigenous mahua trees which grow behind the beach.

On your doorstep

The best beach in Asia, according to Time Magazine. Beach No 7 is stunningly beautiful. Pictures don't do it justice.

Thoughts on a postcard

Who would have thought the food in this unknown beach heaven could be so good? We adore the daab chingri, a Barefoot invention, which is prawns cooked inside a coconut shell creating succulent and infused aromas.



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