Bagan Lodge

Cool kids, Well-heeled Globetrotters and Epicureans

PRICE: Punchy but doesn’t blow the budget

RATING: Wow factor

Newly-built Bagan Lodge is probably the leading light of the Bagan, Myanmar, hotel scene. One of the lovely things about the Bagan Lodge Hotel is that the concept is for it to blend in with the surrounding countryside. The rooms all have canvas roofs and the buildings are painted in a muted brown.

It’s Bagan’s answer to a tented camp. It doesn’t quite meet the same standards of the fabulous tented camps in India but let’s not knock it. They haven’t done a bad job. On the whole, it is tasteful with good facilities and excellent service levels.

There are paved and gravel walkways between the 85 rooms with manicured lawns adding to the general feeling of quality. However, perhaps inevitably with such a large hotel, it sometimes lacks the character and personal touches that would make it special.

The rooms are thoughtfully furnished in a 1920s campaign style, with folding leather chairs, tripod occasional lamps and leather-topped pedestal desks. The king-sized beds are comfortable and are bedecked with excellent soft linen. The bathrooms are spacious, most with separate bath and walk-in rain shower, along with double sinks. Outside, each room has a small verandah with reclining chair.

The Bagan Lodge Hotel has a large gym and two large pools in different locations which makes for a refreshing change of scenery when relaxing during the hot hours of the day between visits to the archaeological zone. The loungers are made of solid hardwood and the cushions are thick. Admittedly, service around the pool can be a little slow at times, but they don’t half mix a great fresh lime juice and soda.

The food in the main restaurant is reliably good. There is a broad international a la carte menu but generally the Asian food is delivered with the greatest consistency.

All in all, this is a great hotel which will not disappoint.

Yonder Insight

A number of the Bagan Lodge Hotel rooms are interconnecting which is perfect for families. Add this to two large pools and you have a family-friendly environment befitting Indiana Jones Junior!

On your doorstep

The eateries of New Bagan are within a 25-minute walk. Walk there in the early evening and then to grab a short taxi ride home to bed.

Thoughts on a postcard

In the heat of the midday sun, laps of the Bagan Lodge’s huge pool were a pleasure, our thoughts drifting off to the spectacular crumbling monuments we had visited.



Bagan Lodge: The Map


The Hotel @ Tharabar Gate

The Hotel @ Tharabar Gate is a charming hotel with a superb location in Old Bagan, Myanmar, situated next to the imposing Tharabar Gate, one of the main entrances to Old Bagan, and opposite the Ananda Temple, one of the most iconic monuments.